Series 2. Episode 2. We reach our 30 top tips!

In our second episode we talk to the amazing author and teacher Stuart Spendlow about the highs and lows of teaching and find out what positivity and energy in the right doses can do for you! We learn that Tom has hit his 30 year mile stone with a surprise birthday bash and discover Luca’s dad owns a mustard yellow Volvo they nickname Thunderbird 4.

I met Stuart at our world famous Teach Meet East Midlands where he made us all laugh with a funny story about toasters and Woolworths leading on to how to stay inspired in the world of education, pushing through the red tape and ‘energy vampires’ telling us even if they have sucked all the life from you “if you have no adrenaline but positivity the worst you’ll be is content”.

Q1) Stuart- did you steal those inspirational words?

Q2) Stuart you have a shared interests in keeping fellow teachers well motivated and inspired. Why haven’t you burnt out? Can you tell us a little about your journey (in teaching)? Sunday night anxiety. Self awareness.

Q3) We have been asking every guest their job satisfaction out of 10. Connecting highly motivated and happy teachers helps to energise me and those listening. Where are you at the moment out of 10?

Q4) You’ve had enough energy through your career to write not just the odd book but an award winning best seller with the online safety PenguinPig as well as a series called The Art of a brilliant Primary school teacher. It’s a brilliant book. Light hearted, Easy to read and full of stories, anecdotes and facts to help the struggling, disheartened or lost teacher. You mention the quote “Stop being perfect and start being remarkable” Why did you choose this as a way to summarise your advice?

Q5) Finally, I know in your book you have a ‘to be’ list which involves 1- to be an awesome role model, to be world class and to be my best self. You’re banned from using those top tips here today, instead can you add 3 more fresh top tips for our first aid box of TLC for teachers?

1. Be honest

2- use a sense of humour

3 – know yourself

4- It’s just a job!

Talking with Stuart was a breath of fresh air. Having a senior leader with so much positivity and humour would be a welcome addition to any school.

If you’d like to read more about The Art of being Brilliant check out:

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