Pupil leadership

What is pupil leadership?

The term ‘pupil leadership’ refers to education principles and practices that reflect the importance of providing children with the opportunities and support to play a role in making the decision making. In relation to school life, decisions vary from ideas about the school playground to recommendations for improved Teaching and Learning through Pupil Voice questionnaires and audits.

I see a school that includes it’s pupil in as many areas of the school life that affects them as crucial to providing a high standard of relevant and responsive education. Long gone are the days where children were told to keep their mouths shut and their eyes and ears open. Now it is recognized as adding real value to the direction and ethos of a school to include pupil leadership as a key element of their school structure.

Many schools have pupil leadership teams for specific roles like the School Council or E-safety team. Part of my role to develop the school curriculum in line with the school’s priorities for improvement included improving the way in which the children take ownership of their own learning.

One think I have learnt as a working professional is that it is easy to engage and motivate oneself when a subject interests you. It is the same for the kids. Not everyone is going to be 100% engaged in maths or art or the sciences. So why not give them a choice?

I wanted to create a whole school approach that used pupil leadership as a fundamental aspect of it’s culture. I decided that every child should have the opportunity to join a leadership team of their choice. The range of subjects offered pupils to take part in outdoor education (forest schools and eco- warriors) to the more fundamental core subjects of reading, writing and maths.

I divided up the school foundation subjects into 14 different areas (literacy was split into reading and writing). Download the pupil leadership roles to see the different pupil leadership teams and their roles throughout the school year.

The pupil leadership teams are now up and running and I look forward to updating you with the feedback from the parents, teachers and pupils.

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